Five tips for young parents

Five tips for young parents

Taylor Marshall is Professor of Philosophy at a Catholic liberal arts college in America, and a father of seven.

He blogs at, and he does a better job at it than I do. I only aspire to blog five times a week; he actually does.

A recent post of his might seem, by its title, to be fairly narrow in its application: 5 Tips for Young Parents and Large Families. Don’t be deceived! I’m no expert on raising a family, but Dr Marshall’s five tips are easily applied to my situation. I can’t think of a single person they wouldn’t profit. I especially like the A-Z exercise in gratitude.

Go on over and see for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

  • Cathy

    Thankyou so much for this article, one can seem really alone and alienated frm society when you have more children than the socially acceptable. Insults from those who cannot believe how many children I have range from, “dont you know whats causing it?” “dont you own a TV?” Get your husband fixed, to which i respond he is not broken. Contributing to global warming, and the latest, being called a breeder, by a practicing homosexual. However I forgive them because they say things out of ignorance. Couples who have more than 2 children often shy away from being seen with all their children in public, because often we are insulted and
    sneered at. some people think that my house must be complete chaos, sticky and filthy, they get quite a shock when they find out otherwise, organized house, clean and happy kids. Pregnancy is difficult for me, but raising children is something that comes naturally, as I come fom a large family myself we all pitched in and learnt how to run a household with lots of people, perpetual party my Mum used to say!
    A very handy and encouraging article 🙂

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