Create a civilisation of life

Create a civilisation of life

Some time ago, I contributed to a crowdfunding campaign which raised $2 million for the Gosnell movie.

Dr Kermit Gosnell, you might remember, is an American abortion doctor who was convicted of infanticide and many other crimes which occurred at his abortion ‘clinics.’ His trial, which exposed the horrors of abortion, was shamefully ignored by the mainstream media.

The Gosnell film makers have launched a new appeal, hoping to secure 100,000 financial backers. This isn’t about money — they have the finances they need to start the project. It’s about the number of backers, and gaining unstoppable momentum:

We have 27,000+ backers of the Gosnell movie. That’s a pretty impressive number. But it would be a lot better if it were 100,000. The biggest ever crowdfunded movie campaign is Veronica Mars, about a teen detective. They had 91,585 backers: that put them in a great position when seeking distribution.

We need to show distributors that there is a huge demand for the Gosnell Movie. Getting 100,000 donors would also get big name actors very excited about starring in the movie. And together we have the power to do this.

Hence this invitation to my readers. Please consider donating one American dollar to this project, and contributing to an important pro-life initiative.

Abortion is like war. Both are barbaric, and in a modern democracy, both are sustainable only so long as the truth is hidden. Since the Vietnam War, television has had a lasting impact on warfare. I think Gosnell could have a similar impact on the abortion industry.

Donate now.

  • Clara

    I hope they have good writers or directors such as those involved in Barbara Nicholosi’s Act One for Hollywood.

    Barb is often scathing of do-good moralising or proseletysing Christian movies with heavy handed moralism or saccharine holiness. They ususally do more harm than good.

  • Simon Hogan

    I like Race6n4 and Race8no2 and Gerearl Truce in Melbourne! I like Lord of the sky in Sydney! How is my each way strike rate going! Terang Cup on Sunday!

  • MuMu

    Thanks for the alert, Fr John. The greatest strength of social media is to counteract the propensity of the establishment to promote the culture of death and pretend its horrors are non-existent. This doco could change the course.

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