A message from Weird Al

A message from Weird Al

Three weeks ago, I attended the ACCC Conference in Melbourne and committed a fatal error. I spent a week without the Internet, which meant, of course, that I didn’t check my e-mail.

When I returned to the parish and opened my inbox, I was buried by a mountain of e-mail that took a week to sort and respond to. So that meant my blog-free week became a blog-free fortnight.

But then, because I am weak-willed and rely on routine, a third week passed by without blogging because I had dropped the habit. Luckily, in recent days, I have received so many e-mails about the blog’s demise that I’m motivated back into action — if only to avoid the formation of another mountain of unanswered e-mails!

I have a good spam filter, and I block any e-mails that have more than four recipients, but still I relate to this video by Weird Al Yankovic. It says it all really.

I’ll start blogging again in earnest tomorrow.

  • Joel

    I thought you and Max Lindenman might have headed off on a mancation.

    Block emails with more than four recipients? That’s cold man…

    • Gosh. Do you think so? I doubt anyone who sent me a mass e-mail has even noticed my silence. Apart from that, Facebook and blogging have largely supplanted multiple-recipient e-mail discussions. There was a time when I was always sending and receiving such e-mails, but the Internet has changed!

      • Joel

        Nah, not really. I’m just cut because there’d be about 20 emails from me in your garbage.

        I’ll be sure to forward them to you personally ASAP. Jokes…

  • MuMu

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch… the interminable posting on apparitions. Surefire way to keep a blog humming while the Master is away…

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