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The boundless limits of God’s mercy

Auschwitz. The most notorious concentration camp in history. The commandant of Auschwitz was Rudolf Höss, who personally perfected the Nazis’ mass murder techniques. During his four year leadership at Auschwitz, three million prisoners were killed. Survivors of Auschwitz referred to him as an animal. Not merely an evil man, but an animal. A year after Europe was liberated, Höss was captured and tried for war crimes. He was sentenced to death, and the court declared Höss should be executed at Auschwitz, where he had killed so many people. Höss was terrified — not of death, but of life in Polish prisons, where...

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12 Rules For Life

Monash University recently launched an ill-advised recruitment program which presents Monash as the university of choice for cultural marxists who want to change the world. There are subliminal suggestions that research and academic excellence might be suitable means for change, but mostly the message is: resort to student radicalism, enforce ‘safe spaces,’ join mass demonstrations, and change the world: If this portrayal of student life had come from a student union, who would be surprised? What makes it extraordinary is that the university itself has produced this, and endorses it. The video has evoked a lot of negative Youtube...

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The Easter story

One of the things psychology has taught me is that the human brain is hardwired for story. It’s how we derive meaning. Story is how we make sense of the world. I think it’s related to something else I’ve learned in psychology: We’re not thinking beings who sometimes feel; we’re emotional beings who sometimes think. And so, for that reason, it’s not enough for us just to learn facts, and to recite facts, like a machine. We need stories to make sense of the facts, and our emotional response. Here’s a really simple example: imagine you join the whole...

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