Although I’m not getting much done in the way of blogging, I’m certainly getting a lot of other things done. More on that tomorrow.

For now, why not read a much better post than I could ever write on the subject of abortion, choice, and hope.

And on the thirty-minute drive home with my mom at the wheel, the sobs continued even as I had no tears left to cry. Devastation made way to numbness the more the reality set in. And in a moment of truly facing my reality, I considered the option that Dr. Wilson had put forth. Abortion. Such an awful, horrific word it had always been to me. Until this very moment. Until it was ME. Until it was MY life interrupted. MY heart writhing in pain. MY mind in a torrent of fear and shame and despair.

This could all be gone JUST.LIKE.THAT.

Dear Young Woman, Devastated and Afraid.