This video isn’t 24 hours old yet, and it’s already pushing 1 million views. It is just the beginning, I think, of the next big Internet meme. But in this case, the video will go viral for good reason. It is very well done.

Thirty-two year old Jeremiah McDonald first delved into film-making when he was 12, when he resolved to film an interview with himself in the future. Great concept, brilliantly executed:

By the way, if you’re like me and don’t immediately recognise arcane Dr Who references, then the “Don’t blink” line sailed as far above your head as it did mine. (My younger brothers won’t approve!)

Fortunately, a bit of internet research unearthed this explanation, which has only increased my admiration for the original meme. It’s not only a reference to the Doctor who bends time, but also refers to an episode wherein the said Time Lord apparently conducts a video interview with someone from the past. Touché!