The Mask You Live In looks like it will be an interesting film. Its kickstart campaign has raised $101,000 of its $80,000 goal, so I guess production is now underway.

The film is directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, whose previous film, Miss Representation, critiqued popular culture’s portrayal of women and influence on femininity:

Healing the culture is important, but so is self-knowledge. Culture forms us, for better and for worse. Beyond Blue has created an amusing but informative website about men’s health:

And the Young Men of God movement might offer suitable spiritual healing:

In the year 2000, Fr Ken Barker MGL was in Assisi for the Jubilee year. Praying at the small church where St. Francis and his brothers spent a lot of their time, Fr Ken sensed that the Lord wanted to initiate a movement of young men in Australia. These young men would rise up as leaders in the church though deep faith, purity of heart and strength of character. At this same time two young men in Canberra, Nick Seselja and Ben O’Heir, had a similar vision and decided to start a regular gathering for local young men. Soon after they heard about Fr. Ken’s experience in Assisi and a short while after YMG was born.

I’ve never been to a YMG conference or retreat, but I do know that Fr Ken Barker is a remarkably good and holy priest.