One of the best Church-related websites on the Internet is Sandro Magister’s Chiesa.

Magister is an Italian vaticanista, and his website is in Italian. He has an able translator in Matthew Sherry, who maintains the English-speaking section of the website. (Italian idioms frequently populate the hastier translations, but it adds to the charm.)

Magister’s editorial analysis of Church documents is always accompanied by the full text of the documents, so that even when one has cause to disagree with Magister, a visit to his site is always informative.

I was interested to learn that Magister measures the printing statistics for his website. In April, his website attracted 123,000 visitors, who printed 12,000 articles from his site each day.

Those who enter www.chiesa find that the news is accompanied by analysis, analysis by complete documents, for a picture as complete as possible, with systematic reference to the sources. So they print it all. To read it at leisure, to file it away.

It’s worth bookmarking Magister’s website, or subscribing to his newsletter. It will certainly nourish the mind better than this site!