Some friends of mine are members of the young adults group attached to St Mary Star of the Sea, West Melbourne. They have asked me to publicise an initiative of theirs, which I’m very happy to do, not because they are good friends, but because this is a good initiative.

St Mary’s is a very beautiful church on the north-western edge of Melbourne’s CBD. The church was named in honour of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, because of its close proximity to the port. The church is built on top of a hill, and there was a time when the church could be seen from the sea. The church is now overshadowed by the city’s skyscrapers, but it is nonetheless an excellent vantage point to view Melbourne’s fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

With this in mind, the St Mary’s Young Adults persuaded the parish priest to open the church and permit the parish to host a New Year’s Eve party. Hence:


I might see you there!