Someone on Facebook brought this web comic to my attention. It makes compelling reading for anyone who professes to be Christian:


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I must confess that since becoming a priest, I’ve been constantly tempted to reduce my own preaching and teaching to moral therapeutic deism. On those occasions when I have preached about the demands God places on us, I’ve invariably received feedback — usually anonymous — which objects to me raising old fashioned and discredited teachings which Vatican II dispensed with. I wish I was making this up, but it’s surprisingly common.

Of course, there are many occasions when Christianity and MTD are not in conflict. One can, in good conscience, deliver a sound Christian homily which also conforms to the MTD new religion. Therein lies the danger, I think. I’m easily fooled into thinking these are the most attractive and effective means of fostering conversion in others. But who am I kidding? (Who is the devil kidding?) My own daily conversion relies on servings of meat as well as milk and honey, and I’m sure I’m not unique.

There’s a place for sweets, but on their own, they’re not a satisfying diet.