I’m too young to remember Margaret Thatcher’s prime ministership, but I watched The Iron Lady recently, and enjoyed it immensely. No surprise there. I think Meryl Streep is the greatest actor of her generation.

The Iron Lady is a great film. This trailer depicts Margaret Thatcher’s “public makeover” as she prepares to challenge for leadership of the Conservative Party:

And here’s some authentic footage which demonstrates the change:

Fr Longenecker (whom I’ve now quoted twice in two days!) has an interesting article on the cultural impact of “Thatcherism,” and its Catholic credentials: Was Thatcherism Catholic?

And finally, here is a remarkable video which captures Margaret Thatcher’s inimitable style. As radical as her policies were, I think this is the reason she is loved and loathed to such differing degrees.

“They’re a weak lot, some of them in Europe, you know. Weak. Feeble.” I have to admit: I laughed out loud.