The Hobbit was the only movie I watched at the cinema last year, and its sequel is probably the only movie I’ll watch at the cinema this year.

But any illusion I had of being a serious fan was smashed as I watched this YouTube. These girls are clearly much better acquainted with Tolkien’s novel. I don’t even know what they’re talking about half the time. (In my defence, it’s 20 years since I read The Hobbit.)

Still, I like this video a lot (all those OMGs notwithstanding). They carry on like my sisters — and, come to think of it, one of my friend’s sisters. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

If you are only half as excited about a 2 minute Hobbit trailer, I have just the trip for you.


Tolkien New Zealand Tour

22 January – 2 February 2014

Come and see the places which were used in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies with other Tolkien fans. Visiting, among other places: Waitomo Caves, Waikato, Wellington, Rotorua & Ruapehu.

Flights with Air New Zealand and based on 4 star accommodation throughout. Numbers are limited to 12 people; first in best dressed.

Contact: Josie Di Mauro
Phone: (03) 9877 2444

I’m going on this trip myself, and acting as a chaplain of sorts. By that I mean I’ll be offering daily Mass, and preaching an occasional meditation on the spiritual insights communicated in Tolkien’s writing.

The rest of the time I’m just a Tolkien fan — though not, I’m afraid, as devoted as the Happy Hobbit girls!