I’m back in Australia, along with the great majority of Victoria’s 300 or so pilgrims. A few pilgrims have pushed on in their travels, and several leaders are enjoying a well-earned rest elsewhere in Europe.

As for me, I’ve got one more day to conquer my jet lag (or at least diminish it), and then I’m back in the parish. That also gives me an opportunity to catch up on this blog.

Since my return, I’ve learned that my blog posts on WYD were promoted in Hamilton’s local newspaper — a recommendation which was published some time after I realised that I wouldn’t be blogging much in Poland after all.


My “problem,” if you could call it that, is that my only access to Internet was in the crowded foyer of our accommodation, and every time I was in a crowd, I would encounter pilgrims eager to speak with a priest. So I quickly abandoned my blogging ambitions, and dedicated all my time to conversation and ministry, which is why I was sent to Poland in the first place.

Perhaps this is fortuitous in more ways than one. What I subsequently write about WYD will be more reflective, and probably it will make more sense. The mists of jet lag may occasionally cloud my present thinking, but it’s nothing compared to the fog of happy exhaustion which is a pilgrim’s constant companion.